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December 15, 2010

Removing Fake Spywares Manually

Fake anti-viruses are the most important and dangerous infections from which we need to be cautious about. They keep pestering us with pop-ups showing many risks and show us to purchase a full version of it when we click on clean infections. This includes spy wares that take access of most of the system processes and disable most of the trouble shooting tool in windows. Since they take spy on computers after getting installed they are called Spy wares. These fake anti-viruses are created by hackers trying to steal your money using the tactics: fake alerts, wrong scan results and Interfaces that look similar to popular anti-virus software. They will make PC run slow. This can infect operating systems XP, Vista and win-7 


Fake Anti-Viruses

Anti virus is a basic security tool that protects us from any kind of  viruses. There are more than 145 different anti- virus companies in the market that helps us protect our conputers.

Taking an advantage of these, many people are trying to create fake versions of those that are there in the market which is actually a risk that no one can find so easily and even the anti-virus companies are facing a uphill task to update their definitions for the newly created fake anti-viruses.

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