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January 6, 2011

DNS is abbreviation of Domain Named System which helps in changing the IP addresses to names given to their respective domain names. This avoids the task of remembering numerous IP addresses that are there in the world. Its poisoning means the compromise occurs when data is introduced into a DNS name server's cache database that did not originate from authorized DNS sources. It may be a deliberate attempt of a maliciously crafted attack on a named server.When a DNS server has received such non-authentic data and caches it for performance optimization, it is considered poisoned, supplying the non-authentic data to the clients of the server.Domain Named Server translates a domain name in to an IP address that Internet hosts use to  contact Internet Resources of that particular domain.If a DNS server is poisoned, it may return an incorrect IP address, diverting traffic to another computer.

SCADA systems under attack by STUXNET

Stuxnet, a multi- component infection that has a worm, a worm assisting file and a rootkit that assists the worm in implementing the routines has infected SCADA systems in a typical way. The nature of Stuxnet itself reveals that it is not intended to affect home users or common domestic users. Worm_Stuxnet.A has looks for legitimate dll file S7OTBXDX.DLL which is used by Siemens WinCC systems in windows systems folder and renames it to S7OTBXSX.DLL then drops its copies in it and replaces the original file.

Stuxnet.A and propagation

Idt is basically a malware that finds the vulnerabilities in Microsoft windows and executes its routines that spreads through networks and removable drives. It has different names WORM_STUXNET.A, LNK_STUXNET.A, RTKT_STUXNET.A. It is programmed to target specific infrastructures which has raised many people's interest in this Particular malware.


This is yet another worm that affects removable drives by dropping copies of itself in its way of propagation. It affects the computers by locating the vulnerabilities and propagates through networks and further making it available for users on network. The main job of it is to hide file processes and registry entries on the computer that it affects.

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