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December 24, 2010


Preventing the virus from entering the PC:
There are some common things that we need to take note of while using a pen drive/ Flash Drive/ Thumb Drive. People use Flash drives for copying data, often the date would be documents or executable files or movies and so on.
  • One can copy the files directly to prevent the virus that attacks folders mostly in a portable drive. That is the first important thing we need to keep in mind.
  • Secondly while opening the PD (portable drive) we should not use the autorun to open it directly. We first need to scan the PD using any good anti- virus before opening it.
  • If we find any infections we can fix them. If not fixed if they are skipped or avoided from scanning then we cannot open the PD as usual.


Command prompt can be used for removing virus from pen drive with some familiar and basic CMD commands.

  •  Go to Command prompt by clicking on Start Run or by pressing windows logo button + R.   Type the drive letter of the pen drive with a colon following it
  •  Then type DIR/A. Check all the files and folders displayed in the list especially for AUTORUN,           RECYCLER and any .exe files which you don't expect in it.
  • Type ATTRIB *.* -S -R -H to unhide all hidden and system files.
  • Then delete the suspected files one by one using the command DEL FILENAME.EXT. This will delete the files from the drive.
  •  Repeat this process for all the folders in that drive.

This will remove the virus from the pen drive for sure.

Note: Never open the files in the pen drive when you have downloaded the files from Internet Cafe directly from windows explorer, cause they are the most important and dangerous places from where we get the infections.


The term rootkit is used to describe the mechanisms and techniques whereby malware, including viruses, spyware, and trojans, attempt to hide their presence from spyware blockers, anti-virus, and system management utilities. There are several root kit classifications depending on whether the malware survives reboot and whether it executes in user mode or kernel mode.

Uninstalling an Anti-virus using removal tools:


Any anti-virus has got some settings and files installed on different folders in computer. So today we will learn how to uninstall an anti-virus using different uninstalling utilities for different companies. Before we look into it we will need to know why we need to use the utilities to uninstall them using utilities.
Reason why we need to uninstall Anti-virus using tools is to make sure that there are no left over files in registry which cause some problems when we install another anti-virus. If there are more than one anti-virus on the system they will give raise to conflicts among themselves and none of them work.
So to protect our PC from infections and to have a clean one and only one security application we need to use the removal tools to uninstall them.

Names of few tools to uninstall different security programs:

  • Norton removal tool
  • McAfee consumer product removal tool
  • Avast uninstall utility
  • Removal tool for Kaspersky products
  • Avg remover
  • Bit defender uninstall tool

These removal tools will help us in removing the anti-virus that we have installed completely from the computer that will help in installing any other anti-virus programs without any problem.

These are operating system independent. That means they work in XP, vista as well as in win7. Sometimes we need to remove the toolbars that we get along with these full programs. For eg. Panda Anti-Virus Firewall 2010 uninstall tool. Norton Online family, Norton online back and so on these have to be uninstalled separately from either add or remove programs or using concerned removal tools.

Virus in RFID


There has been a recent attack on a RFID chip implanted into Dr Mark Gasson’s left wrist by a virus. He gave an interview to BBC world news about the same and its effects.
There are many things we can do with a RFID chip. We can communicate with our mobile phone, we can gain access to our organization we work for and so on. If the chip we use to get access to the machines gets infected there are chances that the machines we show the RFID chip will get infected as well like mainstream computers.

An RFID chip means Radio Frequency Identity which will be embedded into human body to access like it is being done to animals. It is going to be a revolution in future; everyone will be having a RFID chip with all their personal details fed in to it. It may replace SSID to have advanced tracking system.

The virus that has infected the chip that Dr Mark Gasson has implanted into his hand is infecting all the machines that he is accessing using that. BBC news asked how well they infect the devices or computers that he accesses. Medical implants are prone to viruses as the implanting technology has developed to a point where they are capable of communicating, storing, and manipulating data. So technology has to keep pace with the new viruses that are being invented daily and should secure themselves from viruses.

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