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January 19, 2011

Virus That Damages Hardware

Virus is elaborated as Vital Information Resource Under Seige. A virus is capable of damaging hardware like hard drive, DVD drive, processor, motherboard, etc. There has been much debate on this topic whether it will infect the Hardware on the PC or is it just limited to Software.

Conflicker/Downad Prevention

The Conficker/DOWNAD worm makes use of a domain generation algorithm (DGA) to download other malware onto infected systems. It prevents user access to antivirus-related sites and propagates via removable drives, network shares, and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.It drops Autorun.inf in the available hard drives.

Conflicker/Downad became Intense

This worm comes in four ways and attacks in four different ways. Its variants are Worm_Downad.A, Downad.Ad, Downad.KK, Downad.E. This is a worm that will infect through pendrives, as a bundled package with some malicious software.
This gave the worm the reputation of being one of the most notorious malware to ever set foot in the threat landscape. In fact, more than two years after its rise to infamy, its variants continue to infect thousands of unpatched systems worldwide.

Removal of New Folder Virus

New Folder is a file replicator that drops itself in each and every folder that is there on the hard disk. It will have a characteristics in such a way that it will be skipped from anti-viruses. It eats up the disk space and will make the hard drive crash and will destroy the complete hard drive completely.
It mainly propagates using a USB drive or thumb drive or a pen drive.


This is a worm that spreads Propagates via network shares, instant messaging applications,  via removable drives and copies itself in all available physical drives. This worm may be downloaded from remote sites by other malware and It drops copies of itself and sets the attributes of its dropped files to hidden and read-only.  It may be downloaded unknowingly by a user when visiting malicious Websites and that also spreads via removable drives.


VIRUS is an acronym which stands for Vital Information Resources Under Siege. Computer Virus creates lots of problem in an organization which would result in millions, even billions of dollars in damages and losses.

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