January 19, 2011

Removal of New Folder Virus

New Folder is a file replicator that drops itself in each and every folder that is there on the hard disk. It will have a characteristics in such a way that it will be skipped from anti-viruses. It eats up the disk space and will make the hard drive crash and will destroy the complete hard drive completely.

It mainly propagates using a USB drive or thumb drive or a pen drive.

Manual Removal Process:

  • Search for autorun.inf file. It is a read only file so you will have to change it to normal by right clicking the file , selecting the properties and un-check the read only option.
  • Open the file in notepad and delete everything and save the file.
  • Now change the file status back to read only mode so that the virus could not get access again.
  • Click start->run and type msconfig and click ok
  • Go to startup tab look for regsvr and uncheck the option click OK.
  • Click on Exit without Restart, cause there are still few things we need to do before we can restart the PC.
  • Now go to control panel -> scheduled tasks, and delete the At1 task listed their.
  • Open Group Policy editor and change the prevent access to registry editing tools

  •  Click User configuration-Administrative Templates- System, to the right you will see Prevent access to registry Editing tools. Double click on it and select disable to enable the registry

  • Open registry editor and search for regsvr.exe  
  • Delete all the files under different folders in the registry
  • Search for the .exe files in C: and click on last modified and delete all of them permanently 


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