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December 31, 2010

Man in the Middle and Redirection Attacks

We use to play a game where two people throw the ball to each other while the third person in the middle will have to intercept the ball then he changes the position with the person from whom he has intercepted the ball.

In the cyberworld, the game of keep-away gets a new twist; the two players have no idea the man in the middle (MITM) exists. It works like this:
  • Computer A initiates conversation with Computer B
  • Computer C intercepts that attempt and then relays the request to Computer B
  • Computer B responds, Computer C intercepts it, and returns that response to Computer A. 
While the computer C has intercepted the communication between A and B it may change the data in the communication or even redirect it to an entirely different new destination while computer A still thinks that it is receiving the information from computer B.

Key Loggers

In general keystroke loggers is the action of tracking the keys that are typed on a keyboard without letting the user know that their actions are being monitored. In its simplest form, a keylogger trojan is malicious, surreptitious software that monitors your keystrokes, logging them to a file and sending them off to remote attackers. They can be classified as Software key loggers and Hardware key loggers.  

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