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December 17, 2010

Installing Anti-Virus

Different Anti-Virus companies Compatible with Win7
An anti-virus will have a set-up file that will install the program. Before we install it we will have to check many things that need to be unchecked, disabled or enabled. Even uninstalling have to be done using some tools else it will not be removed completely and it will be there in registry which creates some problems in future.

Things to look for in selecting an Anti-virus Program

Features of a Good Anti-Virus:

Things we need to look for,when we purchase an anti-virus are: 
  • Good scanning engine
  • Behavioral Scanning feature 
  • Resource friendly
  • Install and uninstall without any problems
  • No conflicts with other software
  • Boot level Scanning
  • Last but not least, User friendly and Operating system flexible
We need to look for its scanning engine; how deep it scans the computer, whether it scans the system files, compressed files etc.. Also different scanning options, like Quick scan, Full Scan, Custom scan.
Now a days we are getting scanning options like root-kit scanning malware scanning built in to the original scanning module. This avoids purchasing an additional protection software for that infections.

This is another point we need to look for. Internet security is one other thing that has led to the concept of Firewall. Firewall is a tool that monitors that network traffic. We can have some ports blocked or allowed using a firewall. It helps us protect our computer from hackers

Browser and Email protection:  Companies have doubled their ideas and came up with concept of Email Client and browser protection. Browser protection comes with different names like site advisor, safe search, Identity protection etc.. Email protection helps us in preventing unwanted junk files to be filtered and deleted including spam.
However, it is our duty not to open any mails that are from unknown senders and that has links that lead to infiltration of different infections. Spammers always try to send spam mails that will always attract our attention.

Internet Security comes with parental control as well. It is a good tool to monitor kids and help them use the Internet safely. 

End of the day, though we use any good anti virus it is our responsibility to be careful in opening sites that are risky and protecting our programs, network and files with a password. Last but not least look for compatibility with your operating system. For instance if we purchase a security program that is compatible with XP computer it is not compatible with vista. So please take some time in looking for these things in an anti-virus program and go for it.

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