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December 25, 2010


Sality virus is one of its kind; very dangerous and infective. It attacks all the system file components like windows task manager and registry. It is the most important part where we need to take care of as registry values are like wheels of a vehicle, if they get corrupted we may not be able to use the computer as similarly as we cannot use the vehicle if the tires go flat. 

Computer Virus Infection Strategies

A virus is a program that is written which can copy itself  and has the capability to completely destroy a computer.A true virus can spread from one computer to another if it is targeting the host computer by the infecting the files in the host computer which is on a network.

"Here you have" Virus

''Here You Have'' is one of the widely spread viruses on the internet these days. It comes as an email to inbox and states like  as the subject  "Subject: Here you have or Just for you". It is also called


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