December 25, 2010



Sality virus is one of its kind; very dangerous and infective. It attacks all the system file components like windows task manager and registry. It is the most important part where we need to take care of as registry values are like wheels of a vehicle, if they get corrupted we may not be able to use the computer as similarly as we cannot use the vehicle if the tires go flat. 

Symptoms of Sality:
  • Windows Registry gets disabled
  • Task Manager gets disabled
  • Folder options under tools menu will be missing
  • Problem with opening executable files.
  • Problem with opening .dll files as it affects them.
  • Drops a autorun.inf file in the pen drives that we connect.
Effects of Sality :

  • Deletes files associated with installed security-related software including various anti-viruses and firewalls. 
  • Then it runs a key logging module, which collects system and network information, records user login names and passwords, steals sensitive information stored in specific files and finally sends all this data to a predefined e-mail address.
  •  Sality can also open a back door providing the remote attacker with unauthorized access to the compromised computer. The intruder can control the system and steal other user sensitive information which ever he wants.   
Sality is a complex virus with key logger and backdoor functionality as explained above it can give access to hacker and also it corrupts important dll files and all the exe files. Use good removal tools that Symantec or Norman offers. But make a note if it is not removed by any of the removal tools please do consult an expert to get it removed manually.


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