December 17, 2010

Installing Anti-Virus

Different Anti-Virus companies Compatible with Win7
An anti-virus will have a set-up file that will install the program. Before we install it we will have to check many things that need to be unchecked, disabled or enabled. Even uninstalling have to be done using some tools else it will not be removed completely and it will be there in registry which creates some problems in future.

All these companies, once we purchase them will send us a link to download them. This will not only help us get the definition updates till date but also safer than downloading it from website, where we need to install the updates again which most of us won't do. Some provide programs that have combined protection for all important utilities like email , browser , Instant Messenger while others provide them separately. 

First thing to look for, is the compatibility with operating system. Be it Xp, Vista or Win 7. Before installing any software the important things we need to look for are:
  • No other anti-virus programs are installed which will create a conflict with the one we are installing which will make our computer unprotected.
  • If, we are uninstalling the previous versions of this same software or removing software of different company before we install a new program we have to uninstall the older program completely from the registry as well using removal tools.  You can see it in my next blog.
  • After which go the installation file that have been downloaded from the email received from the company along with the link.
  • Install it and update the definitions along with it. For Norton anti-virus if you download the file from Norton account, we need not even activate it. Downloading the file from account will help us activate it and install the program with latest definitions. If it is done separately using a CD it will ask to insert the key in the beginning like this or ask the product to activate after installing a trial version that has been downloaded from website. This will make the installation secure and perfect.
  1. Windows firewall (in case if we install any Internet Security program)
  2. Windows defender (in case of Vista and Windows 7
By making adjustments on these two programs there will not be any conflicts with in two anti-virus programs. If we install an anti-virus program on another anti-virus program, first program will detect the other anti-virus program as an infection and blocks it and vice-versa. When this happens we will not be having any security though we feel we have two anti-virus programs.

So please uninstall any old anti-virus programs before installing any new ones.


If I'm using two different anti virus is there chances of false alerts or false detections..

Most of the antivirus has uninstaller programs. Do you recommend using these, we can use registry cleaners instead

registry cleaners helps in removing any broken registry files and fixing registry issues. Tool like cc cleaner will help in running uninstallers of selected programs.

Yes there are chances of showing false detections if we have two anti-virus programs.

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