December 23, 2010


Android Fake Player:

A new virus was found with the phones using Android operating system, that is called Trojan SMS . This virus works by sending a premium SMS, which is very dangerous, once received corrupts the entire phone. Application of this virus is about 13 KB and will be active when the user is running the media player application. When running this file users will be approved or not activated when the Trojans has just started to attack.

Kaspersky Lab has classified this as Trojan- SMS detected for the Smart phone that runs on Google Android operating system. Named Trojan- SMS. Android OS. Fake Player, has infected a number of mobile devices till date in disguise of a media player.

A Malicious program runs in the background when we click on a media player application in Android phones. Users will be prompted to install the file which is more than 13 KB that has default Android extensions GER. Once installed on the phone, the Trojan uses the system to begin sending several SMSs to premium rate numbers without the owner’s knowledge or approval, make money via the user’s account to that of cyber criminals.

Trojan- SMS is the most common malware attack in cell phones, but Trojan- SMS. Android OS. Fake Player is the first of its kind to specifically target the Android platform. Keeping the view of. Android's high sales growth that is very exciting, virus writers has targeted it this time.

Users have to pay attention to service that demand access to applications while they are being installed. This is to ensure that when you install an application, you will be more careful so as not to be easily infiltrated by a virus.


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