December 23, 2010

Bom Samado Worm

Are you having GOOD SATURDAY WORM:

Is your orkut safe? Did your friends complain about scraps that are being sent to them with a name Bom Sabado, which means GOOD SATURDAY in Portuguese, that they are receiving regularly from your account? If you are experiencing this issue this means your Orkut account is being infected with this severe virus/worm. It has attacked the cross site scripting of the orkut site and has spread its presence.

  • It posts scraps automatically with its name in it.
  • Adds affected users to new orkut groups.
  • It sends the posts in the name of friend's account.

  • Might have clicked on a link that you are unaware of.
  • Might have kept the Remember me option check marked while logging in that helped the hacker to access your account.

Resolution :
The only thing we can do is to be safer than being attacked. We should not forget to un-check the remember me option on a public computer while logging into any social websites. Clear all cookies, passwords and history for any browser. Don't click on any link that may also lead to sending emails automatically as well. Clicking on unknown links make the PC slow and infects entire computer resulting in system crashes. The reason being that the link that we click on, consists of a malicious program that runs scripts in the background and infects the system.
There has also been an attack on twitter which resulted in closing of that site for certain period of time till it got fixed.


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