December 24, 2010


Preventing the virus from entering the PC:
There are some common things that we need to take note of while using a pen drive/ Flash Drive/ Thumb Drive. People use Flash drives for copying data, often the date would be documents or executable files or movies and so on.
  • One can copy the files directly to prevent the virus that attacks folders mostly in a portable drive. That is the first important thing we need to keep in mind.
  • Secondly while opening the PD (portable drive) we should not use the autorun to open it directly. We first need to scan the PD using any good anti- virus before opening it.
  • If we find any infections we can fix them. If not fixed if they are skipped or avoided from scanning then we cannot open the PD as usual.


Command prompt can be used for removing virus from pen drive with some familiar and basic CMD commands.

  •  Go to Command prompt by clicking on Start Run or by pressing windows logo button + R.   Type the drive letter of the pen drive with a colon following it
  •  Then type DIR/A. Check all the files and folders displayed in the list especially for AUTORUN,           RECYCLER and any .exe files which you don't expect in it.
  • Type ATTRIB *.* -S -R -H to unhide all hidden and system files.
  • Then delete the suspected files one by one using the command DEL FILENAME.EXT. This will delete the files from the drive.
  •  Repeat this process for all the folders in that drive.

This will remove the virus from the pen drive for sure.

Note: Never open the files in the pen drive when you have downloaded the files from Internet Cafe directly from windows explorer, cause they are the most important and dangerous places from where we get the infections.


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