October 26, 2010

Why didn't my antivirus software work?

If you feel that you have a virus and your antivirus software  is not picking it up you may be asking yourself “Why Didn’t My Antivirus Software Work?”. The answer can sometimes be complicated but here are a few tips on fixing your antivirus software.

Why Didn’t My Antivirus Software Work?
Many times the problem is that your antivirus software needs to be updated. New viruses are hitting the internet everyday. Keeping your antivirus software up to date will insure that you are fighting each and every new virus out their. If you are not updating your antivirus software it will not know which codes and document types to search for to find viruses or how to get rid of them.

How Do I Update My Antivirus Software?
Many times your antivirus software will update itself. If it is not updating or you are not sure it is updating you should check the preference settings on your software. Often times you can also find out how to update the software by visiting a help or FAQ tab.

I Have Updated My Antivirus But I Still Think I Have A Virus. What Should I Do?
You may want to think about getting a new antivirus program. If you are using a free program it may not be being updated frequently enough to keep up with all the new viruses. This often happens with free programs. There are many subscription based antivirus programs out on the market that offer many updates to their systems. When it comes to antivirus software usually the more you pay the better service you will receive and service means updates which protect your computer from new viruses.


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