November 1, 2010

Be careful whenever you're using a public computer!!

Please be careful whenever you're using a computer at a public place such as libraries, internet cafes, airports, and coffee shops, etc.

Check the back of the computer and see if the below device is there.
If so, do not use it!!!!

New storing device fits at the end of the keyboard cable connecting to the computer specialized to save all typed keys in it!!

It could be used commonly in internet cafes, exhibitions, hotels and airports. Please be careful when you access internet from these places to enter your bank accounts online or any other important websites.

After you enter the bank account details and leave the computer, it will be very easy to open your account again as all what you have typed has been saved in the Black Device.  
Therefore, you should check the computer for any suspicious device behind it before using the internet in public places accessing important websites.

These devices are generally known as "key loggers". The brand of keylogger shown in the message is a KeyShark Key Logger and is available for sale at many different computer outlets and websites around the world.

Product information about the device describes it as follows:

This is a device that can be connected to a keyboard to record all keystrokes. It has a changeable password, keyword search, enable/disable option, and stores over a years worth of data.

Keyshark plugs in between your keyboard and your computer. A microcontroller interprets the data, and stores information in the non-volatile memory (which retains the information even when there is a loss of power.) This means that the Key Shark device can be unplugged, and the information will not be lost.

The black Keyshark Key Logger shown in the photographs is in fact only one kind of hardware keylogger. The devices come in all shapes and sizes and are not always black. There are also USB and wifi keyloggers as well as PS/2 devices like the one shown here.

It should be noted that the devices themselves are not illegal and can be easily procured. Possible legitimate applications for keyloggers might be the monitoring of children's use of the Internet, permission based monitoring of staff activity or helping software developers learn how test users interact with new software products. Law enforcement agencies may also use the devices when gathering evidence or intelligence. That said, keyloggers can indeed be used for nefarious and illegal purposes. An unscrupulous Internet Cafe owner or staff member could certainly install the devices unbeknownst to customers.

All in all, however, a much more potent keylogging threat to users exists in the form of software keyloggers. Software keyloggers, which can perform the same function as hardware devices such as the Keyshark, are much cheaper and can potentially be installed on a great many more computers. Keylogger software in the form of trojans horses can be installed on thousands or even millions of computers via malware email campaigns that cost the criminal very little to implement. Therefore, it seems probable that serious criminals are considerably more likely to operate software keyloggers than use the more expensive and cumbersome hardware variety.


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