January 5, 2011

Most Dangerous Keywords or Search Words

One of the ways we get attacked with a virus or our computers are prone to viruses is the search engine. The possible ways could be any keylogger attached to the links that you get when you type in, any malwares attached to it, Botnets attached to the search engines in particular sites, some redirections when you type particular keywords in the space provided for search. Apart from all these they key words we type in the attract some of the Malwares, viruses on internet.  

Here are some list of words that will bring uninvited guests on to our computers:

Screensavers has garnered maximum virus/spyware risk of 59.1 percent; maximum of all.
The word “free” almost guarantees exposure to malware and fraudulent web sites and adding the word lyrics to it has the highest risk percentage to these kinds of computer attacks.Infact adding the word free to any word and its search will raise the risk of cyber attack. If you performed Internet searches on the riskiest search pages for lyrics searches (e.g., songs), one out of every four search results could likely infect your machine.

While it’s impossible to comprehend the minds of today’s sophisticated cyber hackers, it’s common knowledge that the odds of infection favor sites attracting large numbers of potential victims. The lure frequently used by hackers is wording that sounds innocuous, natural and generally interesting to a broad spectrum of users to solicit them to download a file or program containing malicious content. The combination of high-volume browsers combined with the offer for something free often snares unwary victims. In October 2008, cyber criminals launched a malicious attack using the popular Google Trends keywords in order to occupy the top 10 search results or “Uniform Research Locator (URL) hits” with hundreds of automatically registered variants as fake codecs, a technical term for the “compression/decompression” of large downloadable files. In effect, it shrinks large movie and music files making them more quickly transferable and playable on your computer. This deceitful cyber initiative undermines the safety and usefulness of formerly innocuous keyword searches and also makes it easier for cyber criminals to serve up viruses and malware; in some instances covertly hijacking individual computers and taking behind-the-scenes control of all functions.

Best way to prevent these things is to have a good Internet Security program that has the site adviser in it. The Task of Site adviser or Toolbar given by the companies is that they have will rate each site in the search results. We will get a green check mark or red cross or exclamation beside it.
This ensures that we can go to that without any thinking. Companies like Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro has these options in their products. So please use a good Internet Security and be safe in searching with any dangerous keyword.


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