February 15, 2011

Remove the WGA Virus

The WGA virus poses as Microsoft's anti-piracy software. It enters your computer when you click on a link sent by an unknown user on AOL Messenger. The WGA virus registers itself as a new system driver service called "wgavn." This virus has numerous aliases or names. This makes it really tough for you, if not impossible, to remove it manually. The easiest and best way to remove the WGA virus is by using your built-in anti-malware program.


1) Click the Start menu. Click "Run"

2) Enter "MRT" without using the quotes in the Run box. Press the "Enter" key. This will open "Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool." This is a built-in anti-malware program that comes installed in almost all Windows based computers. If you do not have this program, download one for free.

3) Wait untill you see the main window for this program. Click "Next."

4) Select the option that says "Full Scan." Select "Next." A full scan is extremely important to remove a virus like WGA since it has the ability to spread at different locations in your computer's hard drive.

5) Follow the on-screen prompts to remove any malware that it may have detected. Click "Finish" when the process is complete. Please note you may find multiple threats while removing the WGA virus. Remove each one of them by following the guided prompts.


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