March 4, 2011

Portable Antivirus.

Having antivirus software run from a USB drive is a good, good thing, particularly since the large size of antivirus definitions have made running a scan from a floppy a thing of the past.
Moreover, since not all antivirus products will run in Safe Mode and it's much easier to clean a system in Safe Mode, this poses a bit of a conundrum. Plus, today's malicious software often attacks the antivirus first, meaning that just when you need a scan the most, the antivirus installed on your PC just might be dead.

The obvious advantage of a USB-based antivirus is that you can easily update it simply by plugging it into any Internet-connected PC. A second huge plus is that the USB drive also functions as a storage device and  USB drive can support a number of other useful applications as well.
  1.  Easy to carry and use.
  2.  Updating virus defenitions is very easy when compared with ordinary antiviruses.
  3.  Some infection disables the Antiviruses first disables the Antivirus installed on a computer, but in the case of Portable Antiviruses, they are stand alone programs.
  4.  Use less amount of RAM memory.
Some Examples: 
  • ClamWin
  •  Norman Malware Cleaner
  • Sophos Anti RootKit
  • Dr. Web CureIt
  • VIPRE PC Rescue
  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
  • Trend Micro SysClean
  • Mx One
  • A-Squared Emergency USB Stick


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