March 11, 2011

Sandboxie Tool.

Sandboxie is a very lightweight Windows sandbox that runs applications in a sandbox.
This Windows sandbox is completely detached from your Windows installation. So if the website or application starts to do malicious things, everything stays inside the box. No registry keys are set, and nothing is written on your hard disk.

You sometimes want to test tools you read about on the web. Other times, you have a problem to fix quickly, and to develop a solution you often need to try out different software versions. Some days you will have to deal with security issues, and during your research you may need to leave the securer part of the Internet and open some hacker sites. These are just a few reasons why nearly every computer is cluttered with unattended applications after some months of work. Virtualization offers a nice solution to this problem, but it is quite resource heavy and often requires additional software licenses.

After the free Windows sandbox is installed, you can run applications shielded from the rest of your installation just by dragging the application to the Sandboxie window.

The red arrows indicate changes flowing from a running program into your computer. The box labeled Hard disk (no sandbox) shows changes by a program running normally. The box labeled Hard disk (with sandbox) shows changes by a program running under Sandboxie. This illustrates that Sandboxie is able to intercept the changes and isolate them within a sandbox, depicted as a yellow rectangle. It also illustrates that grouping the changes together makes it easy to delete all of them at once.

Benefits of the Isolated Sandbox:
  1. Secure Web Browsing: Running your Web browser under the protection of Sandboxie means that all malicious software downloaded by the browser is trapped in the sandbox and can be discarded trivially.
  2. Enhanced Privacy: Browsing history, cookies, and cached temporary files collected while Web browsing stay in the sandbox and don't leak into Windows.
  3. Secure E-mail: Viruses and other malicious software that might be hiding in your email can't break out of the sandbox and can't infect your real system.
  4. Windows Stays Lean: Prevent wear-and-tear in Windows by installing software into an isolated sandbox.


I have used it really a nice tool against suspicious executable

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