May 5, 2011

XP Internet Security.

XP Internet Security is a rogue security program that reports false threats and displays fake security alerts to make you think that your computer is infected.
XP Internet Security is going to isolate compromised computer system bit by bit. As a consequence, you should not postpone XP Internet Security removal, if applicable. 
The isolation means that a compromised PC will be deprived of access to computer networks, including Internet. Access will be denied to software installed, too. 
The program is normally identified as adware or rogue antispyware, but it is seems to be more reasonable to consider it as a virus because of its aggressive behavior and impact on compromised computers. 
In order to get rid of XP Internet Security virus  at the latest stages of its development, you need to reboot in Safe Mode for manual adware deletion and in Safe Mode to delete the virus by appropriate antivirus.

XP Internet Security is just an imitation of a real program. It is not capable of detecting or erasing infections. XP Internet Security itself is a computer parasite. The fraud mimics anti-spyware tool by loading tons of counterfeit security alerts. Here are some examples of the fake alerts:
Privacy threat!
Spyware intrusion detected. Your system is infected. System integrity is at risk. Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords. Click here to perform a security repair."

Kill malicious Processes from Task Manager:
  • pw.exe
Location of the infection:
  1. %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\pw.exe
  2. %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\opRSK
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\pezfile
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.exe\shell\open\command "(Default)" = "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\pw.exe" /START "%1" %*
Although it is possible to manually remove XP Internet Security, such activity can permanently damage your system if any mistakes are made in the process, as advanced spyware parasites are able to automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend  malware and spyware removal applications.

After removing all these files, restart your computer and the issue will be fixed. And don’t forget to do update your Security Software, check the Firewall Settings and the Operating System and finally do a full system scan with the Security Software.


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