November 17, 2010

Is your Instant Messenger safe?

        Currently there are no widespread outbreaks of malicious code circulating via instant messaging. In the past, however, some malicious code did take advantage of IM. Always use normal security precautions whenever you use IM.

How They Attack?


How You Know
  • IM attachments, just like email attachments, can carry destructive viruses, Trojan horses, and worms
  • Some new worms use IM software to send themselves to every member of your buddy list
What To Do
  • Don't open attachments or click on Web links sent by someone you don't know
  • Don't send files over IM
  • If a person on your Buddy list is sending strange messages, files, or web site links, terminate your IM session


How You Know
  • Some Spam can contain offensive language or links to Web sites with inappropriate content
What To Do
  • Reject all Instant Messages from persons who are not on your Buddy list
  • Do not click on URL links within IM unless from a known source and expected


How You Know
  • Most instant messages still travel unencrypted across the Internet, exposing private conversations to anyone who can find a way to listen in.
 What To Do


Isn't a good Antivirus enough to protect our computers?

at ties even after you have followed all the entioned cautions the attackers take advantage of loop holes present in the coding of the im software

Does this threat stores all information of chat trans-scripts ?

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