November 18, 2010

Crimeware: A new type of threat to our security.

      Crimeware is malicious software that is installed in a covert manner on computers and performs illegal actions unanticipated by a user running the software, which are intended to yield financial benefits to the distributor of the software. Main crimewares are similar to Trojans. There are differrent types of Trojans designed to do different things. For example, some are used to log every key you type (keyloggers), some capture screenshots when you are using banking websites, some download other malicious code,and others let a remote hacker access your system. Commonly they will steal your confidential information and send it to the criminal. Using these information, the cybercriminal is then able to steal your money.

During the past two years, crimeware attacks have increased at a far greater rate than the normal virus. International gangs of virus writers, hackers and spammers are joining forces to steal information and collect huge profits illegally.

Given the newness of this threat type, and the potential of how it might evolve in the future, further clarification and dissection of the definition of crimeware will likely be required.

How can you protect yourself from crimeware?
  • Install Internet security software.
  • Install operating system patches and application patches. Turn on Automatic Updates. And update Microsoft® Office regulary.
  • NEVER open an attachment sent in an unsolicited (spam) email. The same is true for email messages or IM (Instant Messaging) messages that contain links.
  • Update your security software regularly, at least once in a day. Keep your other applications updated.
  • For everyday use, create a separate user account with only limited access rights. By doing this, you limit a malicious program’s access to valuable system data.
  • Backup your data regularly to a CD, DVD, or external USB drive.


Which is the best Internet Security Software?

wow another one as if there were less of the them already !!!! :(

Can this threat can track your bank transactions made on our computer ?

Yes, some of these crimewares are used to log every key you type!!

How to see if such a virus is effective in your system is there any known antivirus software that we could faith on that it will detect all types of crime wares.I use AVG is the good or i should choose some other

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