January 3, 2011

Logic Bomb

Logic Bomb
Logical bomb program is similar to a Trojan horse that have the same ability to damage data as well. Logic bombs include a timing device so that it will go off at a particular date and time. The Michelangelo virus is embedded in a logic bomb, for example. Other virus programs often include coding similar to that used in logic bombs, but the bombs can be very destructive on their own, even if they lack the ability of the virus to reproduce.

A logic bomb is a piece of code that is written intentionally into a software system that will set off a malicious function when specified conditions are met. Software that is inherently malicious, such as viruses and worms, often contain logic bombs that execute a certain payload(any kind of infecting data/program/software that is unknown to its user) at a pre-defined time or when some other condition is met. This technique can be used by a virus or worm to gain momentum and spread before being noticed. Many viruses attack their host systems on specific dates, such as Friday the 13th or April Fool's Day. Trojans that activate on certain dates are often called "time bombs". Some logic bombs execute a malicious task, such as clearing a hard drive or deleting specific files, when it is triggered by a specific event. It's secretly inserted into the code of a computer's existing software, where it lies dormant until that event occurs.

The event can be a positive trigger or a negative trigger. Positive trigger being like a person's data is being removed from the database and the Negative trigger being, an employee fails to insert a code at a particular place. Negative triggers are considered to be more dangerous than positive ones, since the risk of accidentally triggering the bomb. Logic bombs are not meant to spread through the network rather they are targeted on a particular network although there are some viruses that are attached to them that will do some replicating work. A logic bomb doesn't have much use outside of targeting a specific computer or network, and IT employees are usually the only ones with the access and know-how to implement them. And some viruses have a logic bomb embedded in them that carries out a payload in addition to the virus's replicating function. For the most part, though, a logic bomb stays put within the network in which it was inserted. This makes it much easier to create than a virus. All it needs to do is execute a task; it doesn't need to reproduce, which is a more complicated function.


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