January 3, 2011

Two New Year Threats

Facebook has been updating its site and improving it for better usability. Unfortunately this has given a chance to the attackers; cyber criminals to take advantage of it and exploit the social networking site for inserting malicious content.
Facebook introduced some improvements on its profile pages on the way they look in December 2010. These enhancements asserts to ease user’s navigation to share stories and knowledge about their friends. The new profile page also contains a quick summary of user's information that can be viewed in top of the page.

Many people have updated to the new profile and soon after two days they have updated it they started getting the pop-ups, spam emails from facebook stating that they can download the facebook toolbar
purportedly intended to make it easier for users to share and connect with friends. The spammer even used the Facebook template to make their email seem legitimate. It contains a 'Download Here' button that redirects to a website that automatically downloads an EXE file, fb.exe

Another threat comes as an email Spam message, that wishes you for the new year and asks you to see the greeting card attached to it which is actually a malware. It downloads a trojan TROJ_WALEDAC.AC that drops malicious tools that will run by connecting to different sites. Some of them are http://{blocked}rcardcompany.c om/?code=b51e4638q1980b0557 

So please be careful in updating the things on our computer, be it windows updates or anti-virus updates or site updates, we have to be very careful so that we don't end up with a malware on our computers. Also many anti-virus companies like Trend Micro, Symantec have updated their with sites with updates for these malwares, please go through them and get protection from these petyy but dangerous infections. Have a Happy and Virus-free New Year.


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