January 17, 2011

New Tax Scams

Phishers have gotten pretty sophisticated in their ability to create convincingly authoritative-looking web sites and email communications and lookout for phony emails warning you that your tax credit, tax refund, or other tax-related treat is in dire peril unless you go to a web site and divulge all your personal information. If you're ever tempted to respond to such an email, just remember that the IRS does not send out tax-related communications by email. Here's a new phishing scam to look out for—and a good way to recognize any phishing email.

A recent scam targets taxpayers who use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or EFTPS, to make federal tax payments online. It follows a known format which tell victims that a payment can't or won't be processed until they provide additional information about themselves, please don't respond to those mails. EFTPS won't send any such information in the middle if you have already started paying them. It needs details in the beginning but not in any time after you have already started paying the tax. However, many scammers reside overseas and still haven't mastered English.Their misspellings, Poor grammar, or strange phrases are usually a means for a scam.

Many Anti-Virus companies warned users of a spam campaign that targeted U.S. taxpayers with Foreign Bank and Financial accounts. The spammed message includes the subject, "Notice of Under reported Income," and lures users to click the link that supposedly contains the tax statement. Users who click the URL are re-directed to a site where they get infected by various ZBOT variants, notorious for stealing information.

Please be careful and make your money safe and help governments to safegaurd you from those fraudsters and spammers stealing your money, attacking your computers and stealing your personal information.


  • You will get an email from a look alike site of Electronic Federal tax Payment System stating that there is some information you need to fill to pay the tax. 
  • Don't click on those links, they will bring severe threats on to your computer that will steal your personal information and many things that you won't even expect.



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