February 4, 2011

Reduce Computer Security Vulnerability

If you are the victim of a computer virus, a Trojan or other malicious spyware, there are several steps you can take to reduce computer security vulnerability. Some steps involve manual tweaks, as well as help from computer security software.

  1. If security has been broken, but easily repaired:
    If the computer problem is moderate, but not too severe, let's make sure you keep your computer antivirus program up to date to reduce any computer security vulnerability threats. Once you experience a computer virus attack, it can be easy for any spyware to disable your computer network security features.
  2. Along with your computer antivirus software, you need an anti spyware program such as Spybot or AdAware. Run these programs at least once a week. Follow a similar pattern with your antivirus program as well, and make sure you update your computer virus definition files.
  3. Install and enable a firewall, as this will greatly assist you in keeping any intruders out of your system. To further reduce any computer security vulnerability, do not leave any computer ports open, so long as you don't need them. Computer ports tend to be a backdoor for trouble, as they serve as a crack to let incoming connections into your computer.
  4. Keep your operating system up to date. Enable automatic updates in order to always have the latest security patches installed, as this will help you keep current computer viruses at bay.
  5. If security vulnerability is severe:
    Now, if your computer has been severely compromised, you may need to resort to more drastic measures. You may need to back up your data to a separate storage location.
  6. Once your data backup is complete, you may have no choice but to reformat your hard drive. This is the process in which you erase everything and installed a new, fresh operating system for maximum safety and security. This will give you a piece of mind and reassure you are completely safe from any previous and current computer viruses.
  7. A great way to always be safe against computer security vulnerability is to disable any administrative privileges on your computer. Adjust your security levels or use a guest profile for any day-today, simplistic tasks. If you must use any admin account, set a strong, unpredictable password and change it often.


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