March 7, 2011


A spambot is a program designed to collect, or harvest, e-mail addresses from the Internet in order to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam.
A spambot can gather e-mail addresses from Web sites, newsgroups, special-interest group postings, and chat-room conversations. Because e-mail addresses have a distinctive format, spambots are easy to write.

A number of programs and approaches have been devised to foil spambots. One such technique is known as munging, in which an e-mail address is deliberately modified so that a human reader can decode it but a spambot cannot. This has led to the evolution of sophisticated spambots that can recover e-mail addresses from character strings that appear to be munged.

When you put your e-mail address on a page of your website, this might contribute in how much junk e-mail you will receive. Spam-robots continually search the web for e-mail addresses. They look for links with a mailto: in the <a> tags.

  1. Be suspicious of any email with urgent requests for personal financial information.
  2. Don't put email ID directly to any web pages or mails. 
  3. Do not use the links in an email to get to any web page.
  4. Avoid completing forms in email messages that ask for personal financial information.
  5. Regularly check your security software status and Firewall Settings
  6. Make sure your browser is up to date and security patches are applied.
  7. Don't give your mail ID to unknown persons and contacts.
  8. When using public computers, don't forget to clear cache and cookies after browsing website and also, don't save your sensitive data anywhere in the public computer.


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