January 11, 2011

Norton Power Eraser

Is your computer infected with Scareware or rogueware or Scamware which tricks users to buy their anti-virus or security products by showing false warnings and these products makes your system unstable and shows scary warnings which user may never dreamt of, Norton Power Eraser portable tool from Symantec identifies and removes these Scareware from your Computer.

Download Instructions:

  • Click on the "Download Norton Power Eraser" button above.
  • A dialog will appear, click on the "Run".
  • Run the file.You may get a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to run the file. 
  • Please confirm and continue with the download process. 
Users need to use Norton Power Eraser tool only as a last-resort, suppose you tried everything with your anti-virus software, then you can use Norton Power Eraser portable tool released by Symantec.

Using Norton Power Eraser :
Since Norton Power Eraser(NPE) tool being portable makes it easy for user to run on infected system from USB drive. Just run the tool , from NPE user interface you can click on Scan.

After option chosen by user NPE scans and shows infected items found in your Computer, all will last for 5 minutes or more depends on number of files to scan. After reviewing scan results click Fix button. NPE will create system restore point for your Computer. it will show removed files results click Done or you can submit feedback to Norton how NPE performed against Scareware.

You can restore removed files by clicking Review button found on NPE user interface.
This tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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