January 11, 2011

Online File Scanner

If you are connected to internet on the go and you want to check if a file on your system disk is infected or infection free, though your anti-virus gives it a clean chit and you want to check its security, this is a very good option. This comes from one of the best anti-virus companies that is AVAST.

The best part of it is it will not scan entire computer at a time. It will save a lot of time by just scanning only the file that we suspect. We can select a file that is as big as 16MB.
It has the a security check as well that asks to enter a security code that is being displayed on the screen which makes the scanning authorized and safe.
It will first upload the file online and scans it. It works faster for documents, executable files, the best as they are the ones that will be affected or it is the format in which it will they will install files on the system. It works for any kind of operating systems windows Xp till Windows 7.


Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

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