January 11, 2011

Online Scanners

When we find things going out of control on our computer even when we have a good anti-virus then we can go for online scanners. They are alot better in scanning a computer than purchasing products with many dollars an year and doing a quick scan on our computer. so an online scanner helps you a lot in many ways. Easy but safe and quick scanning is possible. Most of the viruses comes from very silly mistakes like, not having a firewall turned on, going online without an anti-virus protection, not updating it. We can use an online scanner to protect our computer to some extent.

Importance of an Online scanner: 
  • We can perform a quick scan to remove petty infections that have a high severity level.
  • We can protect our computers from almost all spywares that online scanners find easily.
  • We need nor purchase them every year.
  • We need not update them, as they will use the udpates that are available online from concerned company automatically when we scan. 
  • Helpful for cloud computers.
Some of the good online scanners: 

Virus Chief:

This is a free online service to scan any types of file for presence of Trojans, viruses, suspicious files, malwares and spywares. This integrates the power of a number of virus scanners like AntiVir, avast!, AVG Anti-virus, ClamAV, Norman, VirusBuster, bitdefender, etc.
Even though is not a substitute for the installed versions on your PC, this is one of the best and quickest way to double check your scanned files ready for attachment to emails and transfer to some other system.
Some of the specifications will include apart from the free, independent and multiple uses of antivirus engines will include the use of real-time automatic virus signatures, detailed results, file deletion and BB code output.

Norton Online Scanner: 
This is one of the best online scanners that will detect the infections. It needs active x controls, we just need to have active x controls installed. The main things it scans for is Hacker Exposure Check, Windows Vulnerability Check, Trojan Horse Check, Antivirus Product Check,Virus Protection Update Check.

F-Secure Online Scanners: 

F-Secure is a free online scanner for getting rid of spywares and viruses and is compatible with all browsers (expect Firefox) and that which can cause problems in the PC. Once you get the results of F-secure online scanner for your systems, you will get to know where the flaws and weaknesses are and is necessary to update the systems accordingly to prevent future problems. F-Secure is used to remove viruses and root kits. It available for XP,VISTA and Windows 7.

CA online scanner: 
This works best for Spywares and Malware and has a very good definition database. The CA Online Threat Scanner scans your computer for viruses and spyware and can detect malware threats from within your web browser. You can use the scanner free of charge.

Bit Defender: 

Bit defender is one of the quickest and intelligent online scanners of your system with no cost using the technology of local scanning and in-the-cloud scanning to create an advanced tool for scanning online to detect e-threats in computer memory to prevent crashing of your computer.
This could be integrated with your website and your internet browsers, currently available for iGoogle, Google Chrome and Firefox. Some of its features will include detection of running malwares swiftly in less than 30s, detects hidden threats and key loggers, runs using internet without slowing down your PC or using memory with a number of award winning malware technologies.

Virus Total:
Virus Total is one of the best online virus scanners that provide the services of scanning both the suspicious files on your system and traces down suspicious URLs by enabling identification of viruses, worms, Trojans and malicious contents that can be detected by antivirus engines and web analyzes toolbars. This will require an add on to work with Google Chrome, and is compatible with IE.


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