March 9, 2011


The Vundo Trojan (commonly known as Vundo, Virtumonde or Virtumondo, or MS Juan) is a Trojan horse that is known to cause pop ups and advertising for rogue antispyware programs, and sporadically other misbehavior including slow PC and denial of service with some websites including Google and Facebook.
Trojan.Vundo is a trojan horse that injects itself and drops malicious programs onto the infected local and network computers. Once inside the system, Vundo trojan horse will activate corrupt hggdcBRh.dll(random names), tuvWonol.dll files and download further malware threats onto the system. The Trojan.Vundo is generally infecting computers via annoying spam e-mail and pornographic web site links. The Trojan.Vundo trojan horse is a severe security risk that can alter registry files and radically slow down computer speed.

  •  Search engine results and browser home page hijacked by strange website
  •  Screen saver settings and Windows desktop wallpaper change by themselves
  •  Unknown Vundo processes in Windows task manager, strange error bleeps from Pc tower
  •  Difficult to remove manually, Vundo recreates itself after system start-up.
  •  "Blue Screen Of Death" error screen, missing registry keys, dll's and system files.
  •  Slow surfing performance, obstructed transfer rate and regular browser breakdowns.
  •  Pop-up blocker software quits working, overflowed computer with adult and pornographic pop ups.

Since Trojan.Vundo drops many files at system root folder, good files can be sometimes mistaken as infected files. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended for experienced users only, such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. For other users, we recommend  malware and spyware removal applications.


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