March 9, 2011

SDFix Tool.

SDFix is a program written by AndyManchesta that removes  Trojans, worms, rootkits and other malwares.

SDFix works with the following versions of the Windows Operating System:
How to use SDFix.

 To perform a malware scan on Windows XP and Windows 2000 PCs using the SDFix.exe virus removal tool, you need to first download the program and then run this program in Safe Mode.

 How to Run SDFix?
  1.  Download SDFix.exe from the Internet and save the program on your desktop.
  2.  Next, double-click on the SDFix.exe file to run it.
  3.  After the installation program finishes extracting the SDFix program, reboot your system in Safe Mode.
  4.  Next, click on the Start Menu and select Run.
  5.  In the Open box, type the command and press Enter - C:\SDFix\RunThis.bat
  6. Here, C:\SDFix is the default folder where SDFix.exe extracts its files.
  7. Next, press the Y key on your keyboard  to accept the disclaimer and then press Enter to run this program.
  8. The program will now scan your PC for infection. This may take several minutes.
  9. After SDFix has completed the scanning, press any key to reboot your system.
  10. On reboot, SDFix will start automatically and perform one last malware check on your PC.
  11. When you receive the message that SDFix has finished scanning, press any key to continue.
  12. A view log will appear on your screen. Go through it to see which programs were removed from your PC.


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