January 12, 2011

Commwarrior Virus

Follow these steps to remove Commwarrior manually.

     1.A file manager program must be installed on your phone (usally you will find it at your menu under the 
        Tools > Filemanager).

2. You have to enable the option that alows you to view the files in the system directory.

3. Use your file manager to delete files described here.

Go to the directory c:system\apps\commwarrior 
and delete these files there:
  • commwarrior.exe
  • commrec.mdl

Then go to the directory c:\system\updates
and delete these files there:
  • commrec.mdl
  • commw.sis
  • commwarrior.exe
Then go to the directory c:\system\recogs
and delete this file there:

We hope that your cell phone is OK now. To avoid infection in the future read our precaution tips.

The following precautions should be taken to prevent infection of your cell phone:
1. Accustom yourself to disable bluetooth if you don't use it.
2. IF is your bluetooth on and you are receiving file be REALLY careful!
3.Never download cell phone applications from file sharing networks
4. NEVER install any UNEXPECTED application received by MMS message from ANY senders (including your friends!)
Install an anti-virus software for cell phones to get protection in future.


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