January 12, 2011

Anti-Virus Scanning Engine Methods

An anti-virus works with an engine that scans all the files on the computer. They are Definition Based and Heuristic Based. Anti-viruses are chosen on four main aspects out of which Scanning Engine is one of them.

The Scanning Engine works in following ways:

1) Definition Based Scanning:
                                   This is one of the methods that the manufacturer will provide with their products, this is one of the best ways that engine updates itself with definitions. This has to be done on a daily basis. Else it will not work. These definitions can also be infected some times, if the update engine goes to a re-directed website for updating the definitions. Definitions are to be updated, if there is any error in it, or in downloading those definitions, it will not get the latest definitions and it will not secure our computer using any browser.

2) Heuristic based Scanning: 

Here the product has some set rules defined while manufacturing and it will work with those set of rules. Say for example it has found a file that will download pop-ups, it will detect it, if a definition is not built for that particular infectious file, it will apply the Heuristic Technology  where it will quarantine the file after the user's confirmation and will monitor it for some period of time. If it finds that file is downloading some infecting files it will then add it to the definitions, based on its extension and will ask remove it or quarantine it.


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