January 12, 2011

Virus Terms

There are some general terms that relates to a virus or whenever you look for virus help. There will be postings and information when you read online help. They will have some terms associated with them. They come in handy if you know some terms when you visit anti-virus websites that give information:

Disinfect: Completely removing traces of a virus from a computer. This can entail manual steps, next to the automated tool from the product manufacturer. 
Dropper: The installer file of the virus. 
File virus: a class of viruses that attaches itself to files, or a file infector virus. File viruses often remain in memory to infect other files accessed.
Heuristic analysis: Technique used to identify viruses on the basis of what they do rather than by signatures.
In the wild: a virus which is spreading across computers.
Macro virus: Code written in the internal macro programming language of a program like Microsoft Word. They are stored in the files that the program creates and will be executed when you are working with the file.
Payload: the destructive portion of a virus. This can be just about anything.
Polymorphic virus: A virus that changes its byte pattern when replicating, also called mutating virus. By changing itself, a virus can fool anti-virus applications into believing it is not a virus.
Scanning: Searching memory and files for viruses.
Virus signature: Tell-tale signs that identify a virus like file extensions, file names etc.
Some malware gets on your computer by pretending to be something else. An example is W32.Gibe@mm <mailto:W32.Gibe@mm> that arrived as an attachment in email posing like an update from Microsoft. Others offer to install screensavers, or play cartoons, or anything else to make you feel that the piece of software is trustworthy.
When a anti-virus program finds an infection, if you set up an option, it will ask to delete the infection or quarantine it. Some times if the infection is not removed, it will automatically be moved to quarantine.


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