January 12, 2011

Trojan on mobile

If you are a game enthusiast please be careful in downloading action games. There is a game where you end up downloading a trojan horse called Trojan.Terred. The threat is bundled within a .cab installation file that contains a legitimate game called “3D Anti-terrorist action” and a malicious dialer that we call Trojan.Terred on your Windows Mobile phone.

The threat requires a specific framework for it to be installed as it is built on .Net Frame . The threat will therefore not run on any device that does not have the framework installed; however, the game will install without any problems either way..
The threat attempts to call the following premium, international phone numbers for which user will be charged as per his service provider charges and interestingly the money will be transferred to threat owner:
  • +8823460777
  • +17675033611
  • +88213213214
  • +25240221601
 It also tries to run itself again after one month and it has got many names:

  • Trojan:WinCE/Terdial
  • MSIL/Terdial.A
  • MSIL/Terdial.B
  • MSIL/Terdial.C and MSIL/Terdial.D
Removing it can be done with  any good anti virus programs for mobile and also by updating the definitions on it. It can be connected to a system and can be scanned using the anti-virus program on the PC.We can prevent it by using firewall, updating the anti-virus program automatically.


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